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What It Means In a Great American Journey

Stop. Observe. Proceed.

At Blinkingred, we take this approach very seriously. We're zealously hungry for new challenges, yet grounded in reality. We'll never blind you with bright lights that lead nowhere or have you do everything as someone else, if it will only hurt your business in the end. We pour a heavy dose of realism into our marketing strategy. Here at Blinkingred, there are no charismatic Don Quixotes. We research, plan and execute incredibly creative campaigns that generate highly impressive revenues across businesses and generate outstanding reviews over and over again.

Blinkingred has been in business since 2005. The early years were focused on cross cultural research and corporate education. In 2009, we took that knowledge a step further and merged it with digital consumer marketing. We have an impressive team specializing in online marketing strategy and tactics. Our many business working partners and clients are in different US states, countries and time zones, keeping our plates full and our work exciting.

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"Quality is never an accident. It is the direct result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution."